Using this course

Resource Kits

All necessary activities worksheets, handouts, and selected reference material are included in each units' or additional modules' resource kit.

Resource Kit materials are provided as PDF files (Portable Document Format) 

To view & print these resources, you will need ADOBE READER. If you do not have it on your computer, download a free version from

Structure of the course

There are a number of Core Units in the main Peer Leaders Online Training (PLOT) course, and two additional modules. The course is self-guided and you can work through each unit at your own pace. 

We recommend that you complete each of the Units in the order that they presented by clicking the Next and Back arrows, at the bottom of each page. 

Note: to move to another unit quickly, a drop down menu at the bottom on the first page of each unit / each chapter allows you to "jump to” that location.

How to navigate

Using the Main Menu Bar- available on any page

Once you have logged in, the Main PLOT course & and additional modules are available via the 'My Courses' menu.

Use the 'Courses' menu option to access any particular Unit or chapter.

Use the FAQ page under 'Help' to get answer to frequently asked questions.

Additional Features

These features/ functions can be found on the Right Hand side of every page.

User Bookmarks

  • You can bookmark any page in the course and return to it at any stage. Clicking the 'Bookmark this page” will open a small window with a 'default name' for the page (this is a system -generated bookmark name).
  • However, if you wish you can overwrite this name and create a more meaningful bookmark title.
  • To return to the bookmarked location from anywhere in the course, click the bookmark name
  • To remove bookmarks you no longer need, click the x (delete)

Resource (resource kits download)

  • Every Unit and Additional Module has a full resource kit, which include all the material required to complete activities, view resources, and provide handouts to your peer group participants (if relevant)
  • Resource kits are provided as a downloadable file (compressed, self-expanding archives.)  Clicking on the resource kit name will open a window (depending on operating system and browser used window may appear differently) where you can specify the location, on your computer/ device where you wish to save the Resource Kit.
  • Once you have indicated the location, click 'Save” and the Resource kit will be downloaded and expanded (meaning the Kit contents will be available inside a folder with the correct unit/additional module name- ready to use.

  • News of updates, new modules, and other important information can be found here

Course completion

Note: This feature is currently being upgraded and may not be fully functional at this stage.

  • You can view which units and activities you have already completed in the Peer Leaders online Training main course, and any Additional Modules. It provides a snapshot of your course progression, and highlights any contents or required items you may have missed.
  • Please note that in order to get a Certificate of Completion, all items must be ticked as completed.


Throughout the course you will find references to additional resources, both internal (available in the Unit's resource kit- which you can download) 
and External Links, to websites and resource available elsewhere. Links are indicated as coloured text and clicking on them will take you directly to the location indicated. Links will open in a new browser window, which you can close when you are done and return to the course.


If a link to an external web site (a URL) does not work, try it again some time later. It is not unusual for a web site to be unavailable for a short time even though the link to it is still valid. If the links are 'broken', please advise us through the email address below

If you have any technical problems with the course, external links, or have any feedback or additional enquiries about the course material, please contact the Chronic Illness Alliance by sending an email to:,au

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